Đầu phun hở ZSTM

Đầu phun hở ZSTM

Mã sản phẩm: ZSTM
Hãng sản xuất: SANJING
Xuất xứ: China

Thông tin chi tiết

Đầu phun hở dạng màng ZSTM

drencher nozzle

Ⅰ . Product Description

– Drencher head is an important member of the drencher system, and generally used in fire compartment, fire compartmentation and partial temperature descending.
– When a fire takes place, the head sprays dense water drops and forms a water curtain according to predetermined direction to stop fire spread. If the space between high buildings or high and low buildings is not up to the mustard, or large equipments with high fatalness, the head can be installed on the adjacent door window and cornice to enhance the fireproofing of wall appearance, door window, door sheet and fire resistance rolling shutter door.

Ⅱ . Characteristics

1. Novel and cabinet structure with fine appearance. Exact spray shape and max water curtain can be ensured.
2. It is made up of copper alloy with a long life-span.

Ⅲ . Technical traits

1 Model and technical parameter

Ⅳ . Installation, usage and maintenance

1 .Sealed padding should be added on the joint surface of taper thread between sprinkler and pipeline.
2. Keeps a definite distance from high-temp heat source.
3. Avoid impact on the thermo bulb and frame and the wrench furnished with the sprinkler when install. The wrench moment is about 10-20 N.m and not exceed 29N.m. Sprinkler sway brace should not be screwed, otherwise it will distort, and then leakage and error-action will follow.
4. After installation, to check the thermo bulb if there is any crack or damage, if so, replaces it.
5. No attachment on the sprinkler as not to influence the water distribution of the sprinkler; and no additional dopes are needed.
6. Note the type of sprinkler, diameter of thermo bulb and temperature level.
7. If used in building with suspended ceiling, we can offer matched decorating and heat-absorbing plate with individual order.
8. When used in the areas of/with chemical industry, war industry and corrosive gas, we can offer special anticorrosive sprinkler but with individual order